Happy Birthday, Anno Labeling App!

Donut photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash; Image by Anno.Ai
The Labeling App automated polygon annotation feature saves time by converting a bounding box annotation into a detailed outline around an object. Image by Anno.Ai

What is Data Annotation?

Data annotation is a foundational step in preparing data for machine learning. Supervised machine learning requires training data, which includes the raw data, such as a set of images, as well as metadata that corresponds to the things you want to detect or classify in the data. Many organizations have a lot of raw data, but it’s often not ready to be used as ML training data. That’s where annotation comes in, as the process of adding that metadata to your data.

Labeling App Key Features

Anno.Ai’s Labeling App is web-based and can be deployed in the cloud or on-prem. The App’s workflows enhance quality through collaboration, allowing labelers to join and assist each other within the labeling canvas, comment on labeling projects, and revisit files to review and correct mistakes. Anno.Ai also provides intra-app training videos as well as an entire platform for customizable benchmarked training data, in order to train incoming or inexperienced labelers.

Anno Labeling App Benchmark Training Page. Image by Anno.Ai

New Object Re-Identification Labeling Workflow

Early on, the main focus of the Labeling App was to label imagery and video data according to customer requirements for creating object detection models. Now, as we expand the utility of the application to cover different use cases and appeal to a broader user base, linking the Labeling and Vision applications will increase efficiency by automating several key steps in the labeling/model training workflows. One of our key focus areas is testing and re-training object re-identification (re-ID) models.

Linking object landing page. Image by Anno.Ai.
Linking objects across distinct files and creating a new group name. Image by Anno.Ai.
Viewing linked objects sorted by group name. Image by Anno.Ai.

Wrap Up

The Labeling App is part of our integrated product suite that provides any organization with an easy, automated means to build and maintain ML-first applications at scale. Does your organization have data labeling and analysis challenges that you need help with? Drop us a line and let us know!

About the Authors

Christian Denckla is the Director of Mission Success at Anno.Ai, and serves as the program lead across several of Anno’s core products. Christian joined Anno with over a decade’s worth of experience serving as a Program Manager, targeting analyst, and subject matter expert for the US Government. He holds degrees from Columbia University and the University of Colorado, Boulder.



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