Continuity of Operations: Plan for the Best

Assign the Right People

To our benefit, we had several people on our team that had been through COOP planning events previously, along with other contingency operations planning experience from prior careers. This was a huge benefit to us, but understandably, most companies won’t have that luxury, and more than likely (as was the case with Anno), a lot of your teammates won’t have any experience in that field either. To that end, it’s incredibly important for the leadership team to identify the right people to lead this effort.

Don’t Go Alone

“Two is one, and one is none.” A phrase that lives rent-free in the minds of many that have served in the military or intelligence community, they immediately came back to me as we sat down to draw up our plan. As tired as the words may be in certain circles, they aren’t without merit. Redundancy is paramount, both in people and assets.

Build your PACE Plan

No need to break out the pedometer or stopwatch… “PACE” in this case is your plan for communications continuity. It stands for Primary, Alternate, Contingency, Emergency. Effectively, it builds in redundancy starting from your most common and data-rich communications platform, and works down to something that will reliably work in the event of an emergency, and all other options are exhausted.

Continuity of Operations is not Disaster Recovery

Maintaining the scope of your plan is far easier said than done. Throughout the organization and planning process, we felt compelled to add more steps and procedures to ensure robustness. In retrospect, a lot of the churn and hours spent developing our plan were not specifically related to ensuring continuity, but rather along the lines of general emergency preparedness and security for our infrastructure.

Photo: charlesdeluvio on Unsplash



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